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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hope you enjoyed my blog yesterday. This "blog" thing is new to me and I found that I rather enjoyed myself creating yesterday's work. Still haven't figured out how to write so that there are paragraphs where needed. Assume, that that will be sorted out as I progress.
I did mention that my life with Nelson, my rescue horse, was full of silly and wonderful happenings. I'll tell you a little story.
I saw and tended to my rescue horse, Nelson, at least twice a day. When you are with a horse, there is nothing else in the world that matters. All thoughts  of anything that might be happening in your world are consumed by being in their presence. It is such a release. Moments of complete concentration devoted to that great beast.
It never mattered what I was wearing. All my clothes were considered barn worthy. Long wool coats, gabardine skirts and cashmere and silk sweaters were relegated to everyday stall attire. Good leather shoes and boots became muck gatherers. I saw no sense in wasting time to change to get to my buddy,Nelson. Being near, smelling the earthiness was everything. The little snuffling sounds, snorts and swishing tail noises....
Now, the "psychic" part of this little histoire. A friend had told me about an amazing woman named Simone. She was perported to be the best psychic she had ever been to see. Does there exist such a person who does not have curiosity about future loves, losses and gains? Probably not one such person.
Off I went to this diviner of truths. I had supposed that with a name like Simone and with so  unusual a profession she would live in a house that had a sort of mysterious aura about it. Not so, just a simple raised ranch with aluminum lawn furniture.

Seated at her kitchen table, the session began. She looked at my palms and then read my tea leaves.
With her reputation, I was expecting great clairevoyance. And, I was not to be disappointed.

With great enthusiasm, I raced to my friends' house to tell her of the session. Simone had told me she had had a vision of a woman with long flowing hair on horseback racing across a field. I was amazed at Simone's ability. The world should know of this woman.

I eagerly told my friend of the goings on. My friend just looked at me, rolled her eyes and said, " Stella, you always smell like your horse". Why do you think I hang your coat in the outter hall?


If you are in the mood, stop buy and leave money for hay.



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  1. I HAD A HORSE growing UP.........EL SENOR.
    He was given to me by my AUNT!
    SO< you are an ANIMAL PERSON TOO!!!!!!!!!!!