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Friday, February 15, 2013


Spring sale to benefit  "Horseplay" our local horse rescue.

Mention "Horseplay", get a discount on any purchase and have 10% of your purchase be a charitable contribution to benefit horses in need.

I have  loved horses since I was a child. But, I was always in fear of them for their size and their sheer sense of power. It wasn't until I rescued  a starving horse that things changed for me. I was in my 30's and looking for a saddle for my older brother for a Christmas
 present. I had heard that there was a horse dealer who had lots of tack for sale.
When I arrived at his barn, he asked me if I wanted to " see a crying shame"? When I went in to the barn, I found this poor starving horse that had been taken away from an owner by the Humane Society. He was about to be shipped for slaughter. This horse did not even have the strength to hold up his head. Every rib and vertebrae was exposed..he was covered in rain rot.
I bought this horse for fifty dollars. He was a registerd quarter horse stallion. He was called Nelson's Wildcat. Now, you have to understand that I had never owned a horse or cared for one. I lived in town. I had no space in my city lot for a horse! In tears, I called my brother and sister-in-law who lived in the country and raised sheep for a hobby.They had a small barn and against their better judgement, allowed me to bring my rescue project to them.
So, I rescued Nelson and he rescued me. He changed and improved my life in so many ways. He loved me without conditions. I have so many silly and wonderful memories of time spent with him. When I hugged him I felt loved in return. Such happy times.
Nelson is gone now. It was years before I could get on a horse again. I have not forgotten one moment of the wonderful times we had together. Deidre at Horseplay has allowed me to begin again to rekindle my life with horses. She understands that sometimes just being near a horse is enough to calm the ups and downs of life.
Horseplay is our local horse rescue sanctuary. Deidre, who is the mainstay behind the organization, works tirelessly to provide a safe, caring environment for over 20 horses in need. Raising funds for this organization in these hard financial times is difficult. If you have a moment, could you please forward this blog to friends? 
Thank you, Stella.

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  1. OH, YOU ARE WONDERFUL.................WONDERFUL do you hear me!!!!?
    I have ALWAYS wanted SHEEP TOO.................I have questions about them................