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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Banksy , El Magnifico

  I recently met this little piggy named Banksy. He lives on the west coast and is good friends with La Contessa. La Contessa is on Instagram as @antiquegoddess. Anyway, this Bansky is quite the character. He is a very social little beastie. I don't know who taught him, but he is enamored with texting and Instagram. After La Contessa puts her phone away for the night, the clever little beastie wakes from his nap and begins his nightly review of her activity. He seems to adore Instagram and reads all the comments. He doesn't post anything yet because he is still struggling with the photo buttons on the iphone. No idea how he texts, but he somehow does it with his tiny little cloven hooves. Perhaps he uses a stylus held in his little piggy mouth. I don't want to ask, seems a little too personal.

He lives a very gracious life surrounded by a world of amazing treasures. He lolls around all day, leading a blessed piggy life. He is well loved by La Contessa and The Italian, her doting husband. He is a very considerate beastie boy. He has impeccable house manners and is a delight in the garden, being careful to fertilize only where needed. He appreciates all the work that La Contessa has done to create this little paradise of a garden. Oh, and the fragrance from the roses......

Banksy is quite a character, as little piggies are wont to be. He is not a shy little one, not even a bit. He is direct in voicing his needs for specific creature comforts. He likes certain foods served on Vintage French faience plates and his tender skin requires only the softest of pillows for his bed. And the textiles have to be uber fabulous. I mentioned that I thought he was a little bit of a snob, but he reminded me that "he  has a keen sense of design" and what did one expect when one lived with La Contessa? We all know what fabulous surroundings she creates!

Anyway, he read a text that I was making some pillows from vintage Fortuny and adding great passementerie to "gild the lily", as it were. So, he is texting, texting, texting. He says that he is DESPERATE for one. I ask myself "Is there another little piggly wiggly in the world who is DESPERATE for a Fortuny pillow"? Of course not.

So, plans are in the works...Designs are being studied...Passementerie is being perused...

If he continues to be such a clever little beastie, surely there will be a Christmas box for him under the tree.

Cheers, Stella.


  1. BANKSY, has IMPECCABLE TASTE!Where HE learned to TEXT I have NO IDEA!He is SMART as a whip............HE knows the word NO!He has many voices for getting your attention.The BEST is BREAKFAST TIME!I was told recently he even LAUGHS!!!!!!!Especially, when he knocks things OVER!
    I adore BANKSY my GRANDPIGGY and wish I saw him MORE!I THANKED MY SON for getting him as that was a childhood D R E A M of mine to have a PIG!IF BANKSY gets a PILLOW THIS GRANDMAMA MAY NEED ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fortuny pillows? Sounds divine. Perfect for Banksy to rest his head on or his little feet. I think the addition of Passementerie will be perfect for this Prince of the household.

    Sandra Sallin

  3. Hello Stella, I, too, am a friend of La Contessa. We have talked and emailed but never met. However, she is STILL a friend and we will meet one of these days because we both live in California. How wonderful that you two got together in Newport. Je suis très jalouse!

    Funny thing. Several months ago I read your post on the donkey. Reminds me of a naughty and ungrateful dog we adopted about 10 years ago. I was the one who fed him and generally made sure he was safe warm, etc. but he still tried to bite me if I crossed him!

    Anyway. Your shop looks wonderful! If I lived nearby, I would probably have to rent a van and empty my 401K.

    Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs