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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Eyes Have It.

It was 1983. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were reunited at Boston's Shubert Theatre in Noel Coward's Private Lives. My fortune was to have had the experience of staring into those violet blues not only from the audience but one night on Boston's Charles Street. Early evening on a walk with my best friend, a black sedan pulled to the curb at Rebecca's restaurant, the rear window slinked down and a dazzling smile asked, "Would you nice boys be so kind and pick up two pecan pies waiting for us?"

We were dumbstruck. Elizabeth Taylor radiated her cosmic presence as the bakery attendant and retinue of stargazers descended upon her and the black sedan. Pies were exchanged and the sedan pulled away as we were all momentarily fixed to the sidewalk. A great talent and lovely lady. A moment I shall not forget.

Bon Voyage,  Elizabeth.



  1. you're sure it wasn't a good drag queen?

  2. Great Cheryl....I heard she really had to hide while in Boston...and once she was actually hurt by the crowd...this must have been the Journey...she was with Richard Mayr

  3. Blackbird, she certainly was not hurt by this group.